17th May 2021

The easing of the Government’s restrictions means that the indoor facilities can be used but in a careful manner. As you enter the building a mask must be worn until you participate in an activity. You still have to sanitise your hands and sign in, maintain social distancing where possible and follow the procedures for using the toilets and the stairs.

Groups of six can be in the badminton area, four playing and two chatting in the kitchen and six others can wait in the committee room. Likewise for people waiting to play squash they can wait in the lounge. In the Fitness Suite there can be up to three participants.

There is a booking system for every sport:https://dascshedule.skedda.com and the ‘SimplySchedule’ plugin within the Fitness Suite web-site page.

Hopefully all goes well and most of those warnings signs and systems can become a thing of the past. Take care and welcome back.

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