The Fitness Suite boasts a full range of cardiovascular machines (treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes, stepper, cross-trainer), resistance (weight) machines for toning and strengthening all areas of the body, and a good selection of free-weights (barbells and dumbbells). 

As the facility is not supervised new members have to undertake an induction session, run by Gareth Preston and costing £14.00, in order that they become familiar with the operation of all equipment.  A deposit of £10.00 is also required for the electronic key fob which allows access to the club house and to the Fitness Suite itself.  The booking form can be found below this text. 

Each session is for an hour but two can be booked consecutively.  At the moment because of Covid – 19 and in order to maintain good ventilation you are recommended to exercise with the Fitness Suite door open but please ensure that it is closed when you leave.

Currently, the Fitness Suite can only be used by three persons at a time or a family group.  To facilitate this the booking system will only accept three names per slot.  When entering the building you must sanitise your hands and sign in before you proceed to the Fitness suite.  To keep every one safe please sanitise the equipment you touch before and after use. 

Members of the Fitness Suite also have the opportunity to use the squash, tennis and badminton courts. No visitors or guests are permitted in the Fitness Suite. To join the Fitness Suite, contact the Members’ Rep (details below) , for an application form (or download).

The Fitness Suite is an unsupervised facility and all members exercise at their own risk. For this reason, users must be at least 18 years old and the Club recommends that members should not use the facility on their own.

Section Representative:

Fitness suite (induction)
Gareth Preston
07855 821114
Fitness Suite (Members representative)     

Stuart Scoffins

01663 763948

email the club

Members should note that the club cannot provide First Aid cover when activities are taking place. Sections and individuals are therefore responsible for making their own provision. However, a basic First Aid kit is provided in the second drawer in the kitchen area in the Badminton Hall and a telephone is located in the kiosk under the stairs in the entrance foyer from which emergency 999 calls can be made.