Key Dates

  • 1899 Disley Men’s Hockey established at Jackson Edge and leased the land from Lord Newton at £3 an acre per annum on a 7-year lease
  • 1900 Disley Lawn Tennis Club Pavilion transferred from previous ground and re-sited at Jackson Edge
  • 1900 Disley Archery Club 1st shoot at Jackson Edge
  • 1900 Club was amalgamated with a merger of Hockey, Archery and Lawn Tennis
  • 1902 Ladies’ Hockey Club formed
  • 1902 Croquet section formed
  • 1904 Bowls section formed
  • 1927 Club purchased ground for £400
  • 1928 Completion of new pavilion and Badminton formed
  • 1978 Completion of new building and Squash section formed
  • 1980 Netball section formed
  • 1987 Lacrosse section formed bu Old Stopfordians Lacrosse Club
  • 1987 Cricket section inaugural match Clive Lloyd XI v Peter Lever XI
  • 1993 Major drainage project commenced at a cost of £23,000
  • 1997 High Lane Junior Football became affiliated members
  • 2005 Tennis courts resurfaced at a cost of £30,000
  • 2007 Badminton Hall refurbished at a cost of £5,500
  • 2007 Old pavilion demolished and new cricket scorebox built for £9,500

Other points from the Club records

  • The first full-time groundsman was appointed in 1901 at a weekly wage ‘not to exceed £1.2s.0d’
  • In 1901 you could become a Life Member of the Club for the sum of £10 (limited to a maximum of 10 people) and the annual Tennis subscription was £1.11s.6d plus an additional charge to enter the ground of 10s.6d
  • At the same time, it was decided by the Committee that as the Hockey section was lacking support, Members of all sections would be allowed to play ‘quoits’ and ‘cricket at the nets’ without any additional charge
  • In 1919 the Club’s finances were in such a perilous state that it was decided to double all subscriptions as it was deemed impossible to run the Club on the present income
  • In 1915 it was decided to allow any wounded soldiers or sailors to use the Club without charge on any afternoon
  • In the original rules (dropped in 1926) juveniles were not allowed to use the club after 6pm and on Saturdays after 3pm – there was of course no usage of the Club on Sundays
  • In 1901 a request was made for clay pigeon shooting to be accepted as a suitable sport. That would be fun for the Health and Safety Officer nowadays… The request was refused!
  • In July 1902 there was a suggestion that ping-pong should be allowed at the club – this was once again dismissed by the Committee
  • The running costs for the Club in 1921 were £296 per year, sadly the income was £238
  • In 1913 the club made a profit of £1.1s.10d
  • The Club once owned a donkey which cost £1.10s and the harness £5.10s
  • In 1922 the club bought a new Atco Lawnmower for £60.

The history and events at the Club are too numerous to list but a big thanks to Muriel Shepley who helped with providing a great deal of information that can not be adequately listed above.